Drill team managers do more than what meets the eye


Highsteppers managers wear matching warm ups on special occasions because they are just as important as any other dancer.

Participating in the dance routines is only a fraction of what it takes to have a drill team.

The rest lies in the hands of the drill team managers.

Although Melina Groso and Brooke Norris aren’t on the field, they have specific tasks that are essential to the team

“We meet the teams needs. We have like all of their emergency equipment. If they have like an accident or anything,” senior Brooke Norris said.

During football and competition season, the manager’s work is not easy. There are many tasks that need to be completed.

“We have the cooler with like the food for like third quarter during the football games. And we have like extra tights and a duffle for them, and extra poms if they forget them. And makeup for touch-ups if they don’t have their makeup,” sophomore Melina Groso said.

There are many things that wouldn’t be done without Norris and Groso.

“Everything, the music, the costumes, like everything about like organization wouldn’t be done without them,” senior Lily Tetu said.

“It would be a lot more hectic at practice in the morning… they play music for us… and they sort everything out and yeah, they’re really helpful,” freshman Leah Milestone said.

“We wouldn’t have a lot of the stuff, like if someone’s like sick and needs something they get it for us. They help us with everything,” sophomore Kinsley Hoppers said.

Norris and Groso are treated the same as the Highsteppers.

They are expected to follow the same disciplinary rules and attend every performance.  

The managers are well needed and appreciated by the Highsteppers.

“I thank them for always being selfless and supporting us even though they don’t get like the glamour of being like on the field… they always like, come in ready to help everyday,” Tetu said.

“Thank you Mel for always being sweet and helping the team be better. And thank you Brooke for doing this for two years and waking up at five A.M. every morning and not being tired of us or tired of drill team at all,” Milestone said.

“Thank you Mel and Brooke for all you do, it’s greatly appreciated,” Hoppers said.