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CTE Center’s Future-Ready Prep

Gabi Diaz and Sruja Peruka January 23, 2024

Culinary, Forensic Science, and Animation are just a few of the courses offered to students at the CTE Center to help them gain real-world experiences for the future.  The Career and Technical...

The Movies That Make Us

Mya Kivindyo, Reporter December 11, 2023

    There comes a time when teens are told they must grow up. They are thrust into a world that is intent on making them shed their youth. A teen can get so lost in the struggle to reach adulthood they...

Battle of the Icons

Ayesha Haroon, Reporter November 2, 2023

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. Two superstar sensations, yet completely different from each other. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are two highly-accredited Grammy award winning artists who have currently been...

Photo of Riley Johnson (Madhurima Thamma/The Print Staff)

How a teacher, student view the generational divide of mental health perceptions

Haylee Mendez, Staff Writer October 24, 2023

The downward spiral of over analyzing and self-destructiveness began in seventh grade for junior Riley Johnson. For her, panic attacks and exhausting compulsions are anything but skin deep. However, over...

Photo by Julia Jetjobe

Beyond Human

Sakiyah Reid, Staff Writer October 24, 2023

Fans swarmed social media with excitement. Drake and The Weeknd collaborated. Fans were so mesmerized after the near 15 year wait, that the song was submitted for a grammy. This excitement soon turned...

And… Action!

Hari Emani February 15, 2023

Passion is a rare discovery that few people make so early in their lives, yet senior Emilio Vazquez Reyes found his in film. His childhood was spent with his dad’s camcorder, recording random objects...

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

Ayat Irfan, Managing Editor February 15, 2023

As Madina Noory’s second-grade teacher swiftly read through the roll call, Noory recalled the word her mom taught her to reply with: here. Minutes pass, and her teacher reads all of the K, L, and M last...

CTE’s Framework for the Future

Gabi Diaz and Naishe Mangoma January 24, 2023

Frisco ISD's Career and Technical Education Center is undergoing renovation to benefit students' current and future journeys in education. The Career and Technical Education Center, also known as...

A Minor Voice

A Minor Voice

Kennedy Jordan, Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2022

Generation Z lives on the internet. Young people constantly spew or share information across platforms. So when “Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade” headlined all news sources online this past summer,...

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