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Ms. Porter’s Poetry

Katelyn Mimms, Reporter May 20, 2022

Braxton Dances

Sruja Peruka, Reporter May 20, 2022

Kye’s Fashions

Preston, Reporter April 1, 2022

LOCked Up

LOCked Up

Social Media: Editing Faces and Culture
Maria Vargas, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2022
“I just want the little girls that are out there like me [to know], that they're beautiful.”
The Natural Mask

The Natural Mask

Ayat Irfan, Reporter January 27, 2022

Scrolling through your TikTok for you page, Instagram feed, Pinterest homepage, all you see is flawless skin. Blemish-free, glass skin. Then you look in the mirror and wonder: Where is the representation?  For...

Power of the Pack Award

Sumit Nalavade, Reporter December 3, 2021

Kashish’s Activism

Laila Mitchell, Reporter November 19, 2021

Mindful Melody

Mindful Melody

Senior Emily Verhagen shares their story on their mental struggles while becoming a cellist
Kennedy Jordan, Copy Editor November 10, 2021

Not many people can say they have a hobby they’re passionate about. For senior Emily Verhagen, playing cello started as a fun activity, but it became something they love and hope to turn into a career...

Fear of The Unknown

Fear of The Unknown

Student Expresses Concerns As Coronavirus Lingers
Amariah Nielsen, Reporter November 4, 2021
“First of all, they took away the mask mandate and I was shocked because really, just think about the crowded hallways, the virus could spread so easily.”
Despite having different types of jobs, both work hard and enjoy what they do.

Love the Hustle

Two teens experience work from different perspectives
Maddie Richardson, Reporter October 27, 2021

Typically, the first thing on junior Hannah Koronkiewicz’s mind once the final bell rang is racing home to change for work and for junior Amoolya Vatambeti’s she's thinking about who she would be tutoring...

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