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A Minor Voice

A Minor Voice

Students takes on legislation and involvement in Roe V. Wade decision
Kennedy Jordan, Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2022

Generation Z lives on the internet. Young people constantly spew or share information across platforms. So when “Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade” headlined all news sources online this past summer,...

This is Not a Drill

This is Not a Drill

Trauma of past violence lingers on our very own campus.
Ayat Irfan, Managing Editor November 3, 2022

Every day Junior Jeeya Desai steps off the CTE bus aware of her surroundings as ever. As crisp chills fill her arms, she enters school in fear that a stranger could easily enter our building.  “Personally,...

Hide - And - Cheat

Hide – And – Cheat

Cheating, and why we do it.
Anindita Jeetri November 3, 2022

Glancing over at a peer’s paper. Scouring the internet for test answers. Scribbling formulas on your arm. Cheating occurs in numerous ways but many students believe it comes down to a student’s...

Ms. Porter’s Poetry

Katelyn Mimms, Reporter May 20, 2022

Braxton Dances

Sruja Peruka, Reporter May 20, 2022

Kye’s Fashions

Preston, Reporter April 1, 2022

LOCked Up

LOCked Up

Social Media: Editing Faces and Culture
Maria Vargas, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2022
“I just want the little girls that are out there like me [to know], that they're beautiful.”
The Natural Mask

The Natural Mask

Ayat Irfan, Reporter January 27, 2022

Scrolling through your TikTok for you page, Instagram feed, Pinterest homepage, all you see is flawless skin. Blemish-free, glass skin. Then you look in the mirror and wonder: Where is the representation?  For...

Power of the Pack Award

Sumit Nalavade, Reporter December 3, 2021

Kashish’s Activism

Laila Mitchell, Reporter November 19, 2021

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