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Dive & Rewind

Sara Shaikh, Staff Writer | January 26, 2024

   Tasting blood with each breath, Enzo Fiorese watched the dark red color from his mouth mixed with the chlorine water. Although the doctors told him to stay out of the water for at least 2 weeks, he defied the caution and dived right back into the pool. Captain of the Heritage Swim team, senior Enzo Fiorese had his wisdom teeth extracted, and despite doctor’s orders, returned back to the...

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Gender in Sports

Kashvi Kudupudi, Staff writer | January 26, 2024

When junior Frank Vivalda had difficulty feeling comfortable in his identity after repeated misgendering from teammates, his color guard captain had an idea: creating a leaderboard.  It stood in the color guard room, big and white, counting those who gendered Vivalda correctly in a ranking order. As an effort made by the former captain to help him feel better accepted by his peers, Vivalda still...

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