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Stacey Lim poses in the hallway. (Photo by Adelynn Neeley)

Standing on Business

Haylee Mendez, Staff Writer January 26, 2024

It’s 12 a.m. in the morning, and junior Vice President of Communications and Torch Awards Stacey Lim is in a deep trance of sleep, when she is quickly jolted awake by her conscience. She reaches the...

Junior Anna Dombek holds up the flag of her home country. (Photo by Madhurima Thamma)

From France To Frisco

Reba Khadka, Managing Editor January 26, 2024

As she entered the school with her handbag clutched to the side of her body, she felt various pairs of eyes crawling on her back throughout the hallways. That was when it struck her. Everyone in the hallways...

Senior Vivian De La Rosa wraps a football players ankle. (Photo by Maddie Shaw)

Behind the sidelines

Sakiyah Reid, Copy Editor January 26, 2024

From 5 a.m. Monday to 10 pm. Friday, an athletic trainer's job is still not finished. While they aren’t the ones the crowd is at the game to see, they still help to keep the game going.  Senior Vivian...

Henry Bair, 17, finds solace in music production. (Photo by Numa Mohammed)

From piano lessons to a promising career in music

Hari Emani, Copy Editor January 26, 2024

It is dedication that creates a prodigy and experience that builds excellence. Senior Henry Bair has achieved both through almost years of commitment to the art of music. From practicing scales on a...

Diversity in Media: A Story Told Over The Ages

Kashvi Kudupudi, Staff Writer October 24, 2023

She almost quit theater because of it. When theater teacher Ms. Michelle Robinson tried out for her school’s play of “Cheaper by the Dozen” in 7th grade, she was rejected for the role. The reason?...

Black History Month Trivia 2023

Ciara Curry, Reporter February 28, 2023

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