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Hide - And - Cheat

Hide – And – Cheat

Cheating, and why we do it.
Anindita Jeetri November 3, 2022

Glancing over at a peer’s paper. Scouring the internet for test answers. Scribbling formulas on your arm. Cheating occurs in numerous ways but many students believe it comes down to a student’s...

Trouble Trending

Trouble Trending

Analyzing The Psychology Appeal of Cancel Culture
Amariah Nielsen, Reporter January 27, 2022
“I [feel] like everyone’s more focused on destroying that person’s career than actually helping any victim, or helping them learn their mistakes.”

Indian Dance Club

Sruja Peruka, Reporter January 14, 2022

Kashish’s Activism

Laila Mitchell, Reporter November 19, 2021

Switched Up

Switched Up

An exchange student shares about their transition from living in an island in Spain to Texas.
November 10, 2021

With only a backpack and suitcase, Senior Santiago Von Waberer Bueno made his way out of the plane into the Dallas International Airport, ready to meet the host family he would be living with for the school...

Anatomy of Gen Z

Anatomy of Gen Z

Research shows teens today are inclusive, educated and on pace to be highly involved in society
Anna Cardon, Reporter November 19, 2020



Senior juggles school, jobs to pay bills, keep lights on
Andre Dobson, Reporter November 19, 2020

Unlike most high schoolers who come home to Netflix and homework, senior Ashlyn Raley had been living in Frisco with her mother and older brother Gavin. And up until August 2019, she and her brother dedicated...

The Taekwondo Warrior

The Taekwondo Warrior

How Grace Kim feels about her competitive sport, Tae Kwon Do.
Zoe Warren, Reporter February 26, 2020

4th degree black belt Grace Kim does her final ariel and walks over to her friends, hair pulled back and in her dobok, tired as ever. She’s exhausted from the school day, taking tests and doing homework....

Corrine is working on her project in her floral design class on Friday, Jan. 24. She is working on her least favorite part of the class. I want to be an interior designer when I grow up and I really like flowers, so I was like, they can go well together, Corrine said.

A Look into Floral Design

Floral Design Students spend time working on upcoming projects
Cherokee Farmer, Photographer February 10, 2020

This is Valeria walking around in downtown Chihuahua.

A Look Into Diversity at Heritage

Different people from different cultures around the world gather together at school
Zoe Warren, Reporter February 6, 2020

At our school, there is much diversity, showing different languages, cuisine, and everyday lifestyle that many people are not used to.  Valeria Contreras lived in Mexico after ten years of living in...

Junior Paul Koroma freestyles at the Sept. 14 pep rally.

Great As Always

Role Model Starts Pep Rally Tradition
Avery Braune, Yearbook Reporter April 16, 2019

He rushes to eat his lunch so he can ask people how they are doing. He sits by a new student each day on the bus to the Career and Technical Education Center. He runs into the middle of the floor at a...

The Reasons Behind Activity Period

Kyle Bradford, Reporter April 27, 2018

Activity Period has been apart of the Heritage schedule for two years, and some students are still unclear on the reason behind it. “All the education research says that students need to feel connected...

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