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Locked Down

School implements new security plans
Lalitha Prabhahar November 3, 2022

Story by Lalitha Prabhahar   A teacher from Robb Elementary walked back from the school building to the parking lot, oblivious until a few bystanders shrieked, trying to warn her of the...

Students Give Opinions On New Safety Measures

Trisha Janath November 3, 2022

After the events at Uvalde, many schools around the nation have noticed the lack of student safety at their campuses. As a result, our school has been taking extra precautionary measures to ensure a safe...

Got Pox?

New Virus, New Story. Nurse Sickels reassures that the Monkey Pox is not a concern to Heritage.
November 3, 2022

By Hari Emani Paranoia sweeps across social media platforms as people start panicking over another new, mysterious virus being introduced to the rest of the world, so soon after the Covid-19 pandemic. The...

Crumbling Coutour

Crumbling Coutour

The fashion industry has had detrimental effects on our environment
Maddie Richardson, Reporter April 19, 2022
“What seemed to be an easy way to make products cheaper has become one of the biggest killers of Earth’s environment.”
Students at the CTE center conduct medical microbiology lab

CTE Center and Future Ready Learning

Chioma Agbor and Chasity Samples February 23, 2022

    The Career and Technical Education center  was established 2008 in Frisco Texas  with its primary goal being future ready learning.  “The goal of future ready learning is to, obviously,...

Sub Shortage

Preston Ravin, Reporter January 28, 2022

Bathroom Woes

Chioma Agbor, Producer/Reporter January 28, 2022

Student Lunch Options

Chasity Samples-Haney, Reporter November 19, 2021


A Reform in Sexual Education
Shane Edghill, Reporter May 6, 2021

It was just another day in eighth grade health class that Neil Gupta attended. However, there was instruction on sexual education. While other students in his classes were either laughing uncontrollably...

Law and order in session

Law and order in session

As calls for defending the police swept across the nation, reform advocates urged it to extend into schools. But are School Resource Officers necessary for student safety and crime reduction?
Amber Gallacher, Reporter November 19, 2020

Students from kindergarten through 12th grade are constantly under the eyes of officers, a fact that comforts some and unnerves others across America. School resource officers are the men and women walking...

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