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Cross Country’s Hard Work

Dominic Herrera, Reporter October 23, 2017

Last fall, both cross country teams finished outside of the top 10 in almost every meet. But this year, they have improved at an astounding rate. The boys and girls teams have been practicing extremely...

Why Coyotes Play Golf

Brianna Flores, Reporter June 2, 2017

High schools offer a variety of sports. So why do certain students choose golf out of the many other options? “I play golf because it is a fun sport to play, it’s also a very competitive sport,...

Diving coach takes on all the teams in Frisco

Zoe Bryant, Reporter May 1, 2017

Coach Melissa Soileau has been coaching all the diving teams in Frisco for over five years. “At first it was a little scary...This is my fifth year doing it. It’s kind of routine, I enjoy seeing...

In her heels class at Next Step Dance, sophomore Taylor McMillian strikes a pose during her solo performance. McMillian was a part of the “Hip Hop Krew” since July 2016 where she began to follow her goal of being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Dallas dance dreams

Melina Groso, Reporter May 1, 2017

Practicing for Next Step Dance, sophomore Taylor McMillian struts across the floor in her wedges for her first heels class. “I love to dance because it’s as if I’m part of a sisterhood with my...

A new scholarship helps school heal

Julia McCommas, Lead Reporter April 25, 2017

Some might say your teenage years are supposed to be the best years of your life. No one thinks about them being your last. After a fatal motorcycle accident, the loss of beloved Coyote Gabbriel Atao...

Ready to get her liver checked, junior Ashaunti Johnson has been diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Autoimmune Hepatitis. Over the course of two years, Johnson has had to complete a series of five surgeries in order to make sure her liver is being taken care of.

Controlled change

Zara Phillips, Reporter March 20, 2017

During the summer of 2015, junior Ashaunti Johnson had to be rushed to the hospital. “I was given medication to calm down my rash and got my blood worked,” Johnson said. “That’s when they found...

At the cross country meet on Aug. 28 at Jasper, junior Evan Shatto passes another runner in cross county in the varsity boys’ event to place 173 out of 208. Shatto suffered from a pars fracture, temporarily ending his track and cross country career until he has back surgery in the future.

Last stride

Jimena Pinzon, Reporter March 6, 2017

Since a pole vaulting accident, junior Evan Shatto has had to deal with a pars fracture, an injury in the lower back. Even though it has affected Shatto’s athletic performance and his daily life, he...

On Sept. 17 at Wylie, sophomore Alyssa Duhart competes and places first in the cross country meet. Alyssa was inspired to go into cross country after seeing her older sister place at the state competition.

Little olympian

Shreya Chari, Reporter February 13, 2017

At the age of six, sophomore Alyssa Duhart watched her older sister run for cross country and win state. Duhart was inspired to do the same thing when she became a high schooler. At age 15, Duhart has...

Coach Longacre balances coaching and teaching

Katherine Derryberry, Reporter October 17, 2016

Coach Chad Longacre came in last year at second semester as a world geography teacher and assistant baseball coach. This year he has been promoted to varsity baseball coach where he coaches baseball...

What Heritage cheerleaders do for the school

Hannah Hirschi, Reporter October 5, 2016

Our cheerleaders cheer for the athletes at all of the games, makes posters for themed pep rallies and make the student body peppy. “They work so hard I think that's something that people miss. They...

Coyotes’ recover from athletic injuries

Rozha M., Reporter May 13, 2016

A large number of student athletes are impacted emotionally and physically from their sports related injuries. In fact, more than 3.5 million athletes get injured each year in the United States, according...

Bubba’s breakthrough

Jessika Hardy, Lead Producer April 21, 2016

Getting into college is what many students have worked for since freshman year. For senior Bubba Ogbebor, his future wasn’t always so clear. “I knew I was going to do something big, just not in...

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