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Students at the CTE center conduct medical microbiology lab

CTE Center and Future Ready Learning

Chioma Agbor and Chasity Samples February 23, 2022

    The Career and Technical Education center  was established 2008 in Frisco Texas  with its primary goal being future ready learning.  “The goal of future ready learning is to, obviously,...

Trouble Trending

Trouble Trending

Analyzing The Psychology Appeal of Cancel Culture
Amariah Nielsen, Reporter January 27, 2022
“I [feel] like everyone’s more focused on destroying that person’s career than actually helping any victim, or helping them learn their mistakes.”
Switched Up

Switched Up

An exchange student shares about their transition from living in an island in Spain to Texas.
November 10, 2021

With only a backpack and suitcase, Senior Santiago Von Waberer Bueno made his way out of the plane into the Dallas International Airport, ready to meet the host family he would be living with for the school...

Fear of The Unknown

Fear of The Unknown

Student Expresses Concerns As Coronavirus Lingers
Amariah Nielsen, Reporter November 4, 2021
“First of all, they took away the mask mandate and I was shocked because really, just think about the crowded hallways, the virus could spread so easily.”
Illustrations by Sua Yoh

Pandemic Protests

The movements that changed our generation throughout the pandemic
Vaishnavi Ayyagari November 4, 2021

A life-changing experience for the country both socially and politically -- during the pandemic, many in the United States joined protests in response to the death of George Floyd, became involved in the...

A Head Start

Fall Ball Tournament, 9/18/21
Rylee Cohen, Photographer October 28, 2021

Despite having different types of jobs, both work hard and enjoy what they do.

Love the Hustle

Two teens experience work from different perspectives
Maddie Richardson, Reporter October 27, 2021

Typically, the first thing on junior Hannah Koronkiewicz’s mind once the final bell rang is racing home to change for work and for junior Amoolya Vatambeti’s she's thinking about who she would be tutoring...

Linguistic Love

Linguistic Love

Teachers share what sparked their passion for teaching languages
Amariah Nielsen, Reporter October 25, 2021

The High School Foundation Program requires students to complete at least 22 credit hours in order to graduate as outlined within the Texas High School Graduation Requirements. Among the curricular requirements...

Bridging the Gap

Students respond to teachers' questions on addressing LGBTQ+ inclusivity
Sarah Ward, Reporter May 6, 2021

As a magazine staff, we realize that communicating with teachers on issues of gender or sexuality is difficult. We decided to collect a series of questions from teachers and have LGBTQ+ students answer...

Surviving the Monsters

Surviving the Monsters

A Young Woman's Battle To Find Help After A Sexual Assault (TW SEXUAL VIOLENCE)
Maria Vargas, Copy Editor May 6, 2021

The parking lot was dimly lit, bathed in a yellow-tinted light, only a few minutes from her house. But she sat a lifetime away.  The low hum of her car engine played in the background and headlights...

Who we are

Who we are

Young people are diverse and fiercely individualistic. But what truly defines the hearts and minds of Generation Z?
Sanjana Natarajan, Managing Editor November 19, 2020

Stubborn, naive, screen-obsessed zombies. Think back to the number of times you’ve been told that having an opinion makes you “difficult.” That envisioning a better future for our world makes you...

On the Basis of Race

On the Basis of Race

The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a feud among adolescents
Maria Vargas, Copy Editor November 19, 2020

With memories filled with tacky red, blue and green beanbags, snack time, recess and the general sticky fingers that all little kids seemed to have, there’s one thing that sticks out the most when junior...

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