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Zoe Warren, Reporter


A friend. A protector. A ball of energy. That's what she was to Zoe Warren.

A fluffy friend who she fed treats to when rewarded, snuggled with when it was cold, and told everything to, even though she wouldn't respond.

There before she was even born and had already claimed the house as hers. Protecting Zoe when a dog tried to sniff her, the dog and her dad being bit in the process. Got mad when her owners brought home a very energized dachshund, which would later become her best friend. Who over the years got older and more tired. Who started to not have as much energy and slept all day. Was so still that her owners thought she was dead.

It was until Apr. 17 that she wouldn't have to be tired anymore. She had to be carried because she couldn't walk or see anymore. But she was so light because that even though she ate, she gained nothing. 

They entered the haunting building, where they wouldn't walk out with her again. 

Zoe stayed strong until she saw the pictures of dogs knowing she would have one less.

The doctors brought them into a room and laid the tired dog on the table.

They took her back into a separate room to be sedated. They brought her back saying it was time. Zoe and her sister put their hands on her. One on her head, and another on her stomach.

They stayed with her while they put the liquid in her, her bodily functions stopping. Zoe will never forget the empty feeling of her stomach or ice cold blue in her eyes.

“She's gone,” was all it took from the doctor for the whole family to break the silence with sobs. She was gone and she wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

They said their goodbyes and I love you’s to the once energized dog. To the family she was a dog that they loved, but to Zoe she had the traits of a mom to her. She would never forget her first dog that has been there her whole life. She would cherish those moments just like she did.

Just like the moment when she was closing her eyes for the last time. When she whispered the last words she would ever hear.

“Good bye, Riley.”


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Zoe Warren