A Look Into Diversity at Heritage

Different people from different cultures around the world gather together at school

Zoe Warren, Reporter

At our school, there is much diversity, showing different languages, cuisine, and everyday lifestyle that many people are not used to. 

Valeria Contreras lived in Mexico after ten years of living in the United States, but shortly came back because of family. She loves many things about her country like the food, people, and the mountains when it snows. Like here, she’s in a downtown city in Chihuahua walking around the familiar area. Eating carne asada and smiling, loving the atmosphere of her country. When asked what is her favorite thing about her country,  Contreras responds with, ̈The people, they’re very friendly and really open minded about everything. I really miss the people there.¨ 

Unlike Valeria, Aya Abuhijleh came to the United States from Dubai in third grade because of her dad’s job. Having to adjust at a young age to a new country was easier for Aya because she was taught english and arabic at the same time by her parents. One thing she loved about her country is how calm it is and the many activities present there. Here in this picture she describes her time with her friends as, ¨You could say it was more enjoyable there because we could hang out a lot … Our parents were close because of similar culture, but here we don’t get that.¨

For Juha Choi, it was very different because she lived in South Korea and Turkey her whole life, moving here because of her parents’ jobs. She learned english while in school in Korea, so she knew the language well, making it easier for her to adjust to life in the U.S. ¨It’s fun … and all the places that you can go, are really close to each other, ̈  Juha’s favorite thing about living in South Korea was the proximity of everything. All the places you can visit are close together so it makes transportation easier. In this picture she was with her family at the Namsan Tower in South Korea viewing the bright shining lights at night, her mother taking a picture to remember the view of their country.