Buddy System welcomes Coyotes to the ‘Pack’


Sejal Jannu

Javier Rodriguez (left) participated in student council’s Buddy System.

For new students, coming to an unknown school can be a terrifying experience.

Our student council has created a system to help ease those fears.

The Buddy System pairs up new students with a student council member to show them around.

“You know being a new student is nerve wracking especially in high school, so coming in where everybody already has formed bonds and things this kind of makes them feel more welcomed so that they have a place to be,” said Tammy Mumford, the student council advisor.

Student council member Chris Cahill transferred to Heritage during his junior year, and was not in the Buddy System.

“Now I can appreciate the Buddy System because I know what it’s like not to have a buddy and not to know anyone and to completely start from scratch,” said Cahill.

Javier Rodriguez transferred from Vines High School and feels the bond he has with his buddy Cahill has a positive impact on his time here.

“Being welcomed to Heritage was a great experience and it introduced me to new people so that I could actually start talking to people,” Rodriguez said.

Student council members also benefit from this system by talking to someone they don’t know in the future.

Mumford hopes that when her students are in college and they see someone that does not seem to know anyone, they can go out of their way to help them.