The Reasons Behind Activity Period


Freshmen Ike Johnson utilizes activity period to get one-on-one help from computer science teacher, Christine Peterson.

Activity Period has been apart of the Heritage schedule for two years, and some students are still unclear on the reason behind it.

“All the education research says that students need to feel connected to school and they need to know that there is at least one adult who knows them [and] understands what they’re going through,” assistant principal Dr. Gray said.

“That’s why students are put in a group with their peers and they stay with them for four years for that mentorship relationship with the adult. But, it also creates a mini family within the larger Coyote family. So that they have a group of people who they stay with for four years,” Gray said.

In addition to the mentorship and connections, students use their homeroom time to socialize with fellow classmates.

“I just chill with my friends, and study for test and quizzes,” sophomore Phil Ngari said.

“I use my time doing little work but mostly talking to friends,” sophomore Kaleb Culp said.

Although administrators believe that this time should be used for students and adults to connect, education is the main focuses of this time.

“When students are unsuccessful and they are not learning in the large classroom environment there needs to be a structure that allows them to get help that they need,” Gray said.

“[Activity period is] like a study hall so [students] can make and finish their work that they have in following periods,” sophomore Christian Mira said.

“Actually go and get work done rather than just kind of a little here and a little bit there which really isn’t that beneficial,” Gray said.