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Alexis McCarthy, Reporter

“Your daddy and I are getting a divorce,” her mom said.

They were both on opposite ends of the daughter’s bed.

Why now? The daughter thought. She had questions but didn’t know how to ask. Her mom had tears in her eyes, she felt that if she asked the questions, her mom would break down even more. She didn’t want that. She didn’t respond. She knew her parents had fallen out of love. Still, she was in anguish. 

Their relationship was difficult. She felt that her mom was selfish. Everything was for herself only. It seemed that it would be best for her mother to leave.

Deep down, she loved her mother. She didn’t want to admit it. Minutes passed, and her mom finally left the bedroom. The daughter hadn’t listened to half the things her mother said. She shunned her. She knew it was narcissistic to only think of herself at that moment, and not consider what her mother must feel.

Months after she moved out, the daughter didn’t know where her mother was. They had contact, but it seemed her mom didn’t want to see her. She would ask to come see her mom's new apartment. Her mom said no. She would ask about seeing each other. Her mom had excuses. She found out from her father that she had moved to Grand Prairie.

Why would she want to be far from her daughter? She couldn’t have found somewhere closer? These thoughts were never spoken. Just in her head. The girl’s anger was excessive. She didn’t know how to cope with it, so she took it out on people she loved.

Her mom started paying attention to her. Though they were spending time together, she was too scared to ask questions.

It’s been six months. There still isn’t closure. It takes time, she’s learned that. She will get the closure she deserves. Once she’s ready.

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Alexis McCarthy