Student Activism Union Making a Change

Social media shows the community ‘false narratives’. Do we want that?


Alexis McCarthy, Reporter

Kashish Bastola and Chioma Agbor stand at the front of Mrs. Gruber’s classroom discussing an issue happening in the community right now. A classroom full of teens from different grades and age groups join together to make a change in their school and city. They walk around Frisco to inform teens who want to know what issues are happening in their community.

Bastola and Agbor are both sophomores at Heritage who noticed that there wasn’t much activism in the school. They started this club to bring purpose back to the organization since there was a heavy stigma against activism at the school. Classmates joined the club immediately, and this club is growing at a very fast pace.

“The main goal of the club is to bring awareness about global and domestic issues to students and the community,” SAU’s sponsor Mrs. Gruber said. “It also tries to find ways, like events, that allows students to actively participate in bringing awareness to these issues.”

Kashish is in the process of getting the organization’s name out to the public. The club is increasing in size every meeting and is hoping to reach out to every single student in the student body.

“Seeing the amazing collaboration of students to create a beautiful and peaceful community that moves in harmony gives me hope that I can spread this to many different areas,” Bastola said. “Everyone deserves to go to school in a safe environment where they know that their voices are heard and that their voices matter.”

Social media has a strong impact on how teens view issues going on in the world today. It has created many great but also terrible things. It does great for informing the public and community around us.

“I feel social media is a great platform to be informed, but it can also be very dangerous if you don’t know where the information is coming from,” Agbor said. “It can spread false narratives, but I feel like if you’re spreading actual truths, it’s a great way for kids to really get in touch with politics because we’re on social media a lot.”

SAU is an organization that plans to make a great impact in the school through its years. After Kashish and Chioma gave it purpose this year, it’ll be a safe place for kids in all grades in future years.

“Together, we lead our school in the right direction, and we do so as one united entity.”