Students Give Opinions On New Safety Measures

Trisha Janath

After the events at Uvalde, many schools around the nation have noticed the lack of student safety at their campuses. As a result, our school has been taking extra precautionary measures to ensure a safe learning environment for the students. Frequent drills, locked doors and no restaurant deliveries are few of the policies the staff has implemented to upkeep school protection and security.

To get the students’ perspective on these new policies, a brief survey was conducted where students from each grade were asked,  What are your thoughts on the new safety measures being implemented?

“I think there’s definitely two sides to it. Of course it keeps us safe, but it also takes away some of the stuff that’s vital for students [like the lunch policies].”

Sraddha Maganti, Freshman

“Even though it’s upsetting not being able to order food, I think it’s important because there were many incidents last year with people wandering around the school and I think that’s definitely scary.”

Sabah Pirali, Sophomore

I think it’s kind of unnecessary because people rely on Uber Eats. If I didn’t have lunch here and actually wanted good food, then I would order from them.”

Anderson Ahn, Junior

“I think it’s a little too much. I always felt safe in the school. I never even got to order food last year and I wanted to do it this year, then I found out we couldn’t, so I was kind of sad about that.”

Siddharth Kumar, Senior

“I think it’s good because we want to prevent incidents like Uvalde and other school shootings from happening again. I think it’s important that we limit people coming in and out of the school.”

Delaney Mawanda, Senior

“I think it’s amazing and saves the school. I think it’s just very lovely that nobody can come in and out of the school and like how we have officers everywhere. It just feels like a very safe environment.”

Nick Wali, Junior