Experiencing a father daughter relationship at home and school


Mr. Mimms and Jillian share a special father-daughter moment together while visiting before school.

Most students have to communicate to their parents on their phones during the school day. Sophomore Jillian Mimms can talk to her dad face to face during the day.

Jillian’s dad is our principal which makes her cautious to not make any poor choices during her high school years.

“It keeps me from making bad decisions… not that there really is a whole lot that I would do but like.. I’m not really like a troublemaking kid… it’s just kind of that thing always in the back of your head like, hey what would he think of this kind of thing,” Jillian said.

After her transition into high school last year, they adjusted quickly to seeing each other more often.

“I think was the first pep rally that we went to. I was opening the door for students and I was saying good morning and they were walking they were filing through saying, ‘Hi Mr. Mimms, Hi Mr. Mimms’ and all the sudden I hear, ‘Hi dad’… and I hadn’t ever heard that before at school… and it kind of took me for a minute I was like, ‘oh that was Jillian,’” Principal Mark Mimms said.

For the most part they love being at the same school, but there are various times when it can be a little awkward.

“I do act differently if I’m doing a walkthrough of a class, or if I’m going into a room to talk to a teacher. I try to be cautious of what her schedule is and I’m not constantly going in her room or any classroom that she’s in because it does affect her. People notice when I’m in the room and they notice when she’s in the room… it’s pretty obvious,” Mimms said.

Jillian sometimes feels obligated to try harder in her classes because her dad works at her school.

“Like if I’m not doing so well in a certain class it’s really awkward because teachers will say to me, ‘hey I really don’t want to have a conversation with your dad about this…can I see some more from you,’” Jillian said.

Mr. Mimms wants her teachers to treat her as a regular student.

“I want them to feel comfortable and not feel like there is any added pressure because my daughter is in their class,” Mimms said.

When Jillian hangs out with her friends, they feel pressured to act perfectly so Mr. Mimms doesn’t view them in a bad way.

“They will act differently around him…cause like they’ll be over at my house and I wouldn’t say they’re scared of him, just wary of making a stupid mistake or remark that’ll like cause them to fall out of favor with him,” Jillian said.

Despite the uncomfortable moments they face going to the same school, this experience has helped better their relationship.

“I really like having him here. I wouldn’t have as good as a relationship with him…if he wasn’t the principal here, if we didn’t, you know, go to school together…. like they’re really aren’t a lot of cons like the pros outweigh the cons… but I get to see him a lot more and I love my dad,” Jillian said.

“Everything’s going great and hearing her perspective on things is really important for me… it’s been a great experience,” Mr. Mimms said.