Seniors want a different graduation venue


Many of our seniors prefer to graduate at Frisco’s new edition, the Ford Center.

During this time of year, many seniors are getting ready to close the current chapter of their lives.

While doing so, they view their graduation venue as an important aspect.

Our seniors will be graduating at the Dr. Pepper Arena. However, other Frisco ISD schools will have their ceremony at the new Ford Center.

Many of our students want to receive their diploma at the Ford Center so they signed a petition hoping to graduate there.

“Previous years like I said, we have had all the same graduations. We’ve all graduated at the same facility. And I think it’s unfair that some schools get to experience like a graduation experience. The place is newer and bigger,” senior Cierra Black said.

Our school district is aware of this issue.

However, they have to follow a process for selecting each school’s graduation venue.

“This year, a lot of it centers on the size of the schools and the venues,” Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Kenny Chandler said.

Frisco ISD wants to provide a balance between seniors who want to graduate at the Ford Center and those who want their ceremony at the Dr. Pepper Arena.

“Not only one school’s going to be at Dr. Pepper and another one won’t always be at the Ford Center. We hope we rotate, and equally share it. For those graduating at the Dr. Pepper arena, I guarantee they will have the same experience they will have at the Ford Center. And possibly, even better. Because your parents are gonna be sitting much closer at the Dr. Pepper arena than they are at the Ford Center,” Chandler said.

Some students are focused more on graduating rather than where they graduate. 

“At some point, I’m really not gonna remember where I graduated. The act of graduating is what I will probably remember,” senior Nicholas Rivera said.