Coyotes want more food in D-lunch


Halfway through D-lunch, many students are frustrated with the amount of chips leftover.

Lunch should be a time for Coyotes to reenergize. But many D-lunch students feel that they are not offered the same amount of food to have energy.

“Things run out all the time. Even the chips and things that they have sold, that are prepackaged, are all gone,” junior Chloe Menard said.

“In A-lunch, I may receive more chicken than I do in D-lunch. There’s definitely a noticeable difference,” senior Justin Blocker said.

The low amount of food in D-Lunch also affects students throughout the day.

“It makes me feel hungrier and less productive,” Menard said.

“When I do not get enough food, it really lowers my energy levels. It makes me less athletic,” Blocker said.

Frisco Independent School District’s Child Nutrition program has a rule directly related to this issue.

“Our policy is that whatever the first student in line gets…the last student in D-lunch should also have that same choice,” director of child nutrition Debra Tredennick said.

Some students have suggested solutions to the problem.

“I think they should cook slightly more food or they should at least calculate maybe how many students are in D-lunch, sorta estimate it out,” Blocker said.

As of now, the director of the program has not seen what D-lunch students have been complaining about.

“I even came by one day or two days, just to see if that was the case and I didn’t see it. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t happening,” Tredennick said.

The district’s child nutrition program is determined to learn more by investigating.

“I can meet a student at D-lunch and we can walk through the line together. There’s a lot of things that can happen, and I’m willing to do any of that,” Tredennick said.