Drill team competes at Liberty

Members gear up for second competition of season

Megan Lohden, Reporter

Tomorrow at Liberty High School, the Highsteppers will participate in their second competition of the year.

Senior Izie Alvino has been on the team all four years. This is her third time at competition, as the team wasn’t able to attend last year.

“This year is different than past years because we are performing in bigger competitions with tougher opponents,” Alvino said. “Also, we are really big contenders this year. In the past we weren’t as technically strong.”

According to Drill Team Director Cami Cole, this year’s standards are higher than before.

“The technical level (is how this year is different), so they are a lot more advanced routines and faster movements,” Ms. Cole said.

Not only does the competition bring anticipation, but it also brings pressure.

“It is stressful because there’s three team routines and there’s three officer routines, and then solos are also going on,” Ms. Cole said. “Every 30 minutes we are prepping for a different dance and we’re running around, getting ready for all of it.”

At their first competition at Grapevine High School on Feb.13, the team won super sweepstakes team, a choreography award, technique award, high point award and earned winners circle.

“I think we will continue to do really well as long as we stay on track of where we are,” Ms. Cole said. “They’ve been practicing these routines since November, and sometimes they can feel like they’re doing the same routine for a long time. So just staying motivated and pushing through, they’ll do great.”

The girls are performing three major mixes: a Britney Spears pom routine, hip hop dance to a song by Missy Elliott, and a jazz routine to a song by Whitney Houston.

“I’m both nervous and excited for competition, it is my rookie year on the team so it’s a bit more nerve wracking,” freshman Fernanda Gonzalez said. “But I am really excited to be on stage with my best friends, hopefully also winning too.”