College prep starts with Pre-AP/AP classes


Miranda Servey

Frisco ISD has been named to the 4th Annual AP Honor Roll.

The titles Pre-AP and AP can seem intimidating at first, but many students that have taken or currently take an advanced placement class can agree that the advantages you receive for college are worth the challenge.

“It proves to them that you’re ready for college, that you have the prerequisites that they need to be able to be successful at their classes, and that you are actually willing to step out and be somebody rather than being in the back in the crowd,” said Pre-AP and AP Chemistry teacher Jo King.

But that’s not the extent of the advantages that come with these courses.

Taking advanced courses can also impact your transcript which colleges look at when you apply.

“Whenever a college receives your transcript they look at your GPA. They also look at the amount of advanced classes you take because they do prepare you more for college,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Redden.

Even if you feel that an AP class isn’t for you, there are other higher level classes outside of core courses.

“If you take a Pre-AP or AP course, start off with a subject that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a core class,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Redden.

For example, if you excel in fine arts you can take a Pre-AP Art course or AP Music Theory.

If you are considering an advanced course you only have until October 7 to turn in your schedule change form.

After this deadline the next opportunity to take an advanced placement course is at the end of the semester.