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Deanna Young, Reporter

Thanksgiving Cruise

Going on a cruise is a very exciting thing to think about, but actually going on one for 5 days is even better. 

Deanna was ready to hop on that cruise ship right when she pulled up to the dock. She couldn't wait to be on a boat for 5 days going to Mexico. Going through security beforehand was taking a long time though.

Once her family finished with security and got on the boat, they all went to their rooms.

She was sharing a room with her 3 siblings, and their room wasn't the biggest, but they weren't there very often.

After getting settled in, she met up with her cousins and went to go look around the boat.

The boat had 12 floors and Deanna’s room was on the 10th. 

 The 9th floor was where the open deck was, and that's where mostly everything else was: the food, pool, hot tub, and outside lounge. They had a buffet in the mornings, a pizza place, Guy’s burgers, Blue Goose, and an ice cream machine.

There were also games on deck that you could play like ping pong, giant chess, and bag toss. However, most of the days were pretty windy, so when you played ping pong, the ball would sometimes fly off the boat. There was also a mini golf course which was mostly for the little kids to play.

At night, they would play a movie on the deck, so Deanna and her cousins would leave to get a spot on the lounge chairs pretty early because they wanted a good seat. They would bring blankets so they wouldn't get cold. After getting a seat, they would hurry and get pizza since that was the only food place that was open late. Then, they'd settle in and wait for the movie to play, which for the first night was Spider Man Homecoming. 

The days they got off the boat to explore Mexico were the days they mostly went to the beach. They also went snorkeling and to the stores until they had to go back to the boat.

Once the 5 days had passed, Deanna was very sad to leave. She had fun with her family and new friends she had made, but she knew she would have to leave soon.

She had packed all her stuff and said bye to the few new friends she made. She would always remember the time she went on a cruise for Thanksgiving and had the best time of her life.


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Deanna Young