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Cherokee Farmer

Cherokee Farmer, Reporter

Only One Chance 

Scared to death as streams of tears run from her eyes, she took her place in the testifying seat connected to the judge's desk as people glare at her.

Her worst enemy in her peripheral vision, dressed in bright orange and surrounded by officers. The judge on her other side, 12 jurors sitting in the jury box on worn brown chairs, and her lawyer standing in front of her asking her questions about what happened.

As the court case moved forward, a five year old girl sits in the witnesses' seat and is asked questions no five year old should ever be asked.

Things like,“What did that man do to you?” 

“Could you please go more in-depth on what happened?” 

“How long had he been doing things to you?”

“Did you try to get away?”

“Why didn't you tell anyone sooner?” 

Cherokee Farmer was curled up in the dark corner of the closet with her shirt drenched with tears, missing her family after being taken from them and put into foster care. For the past few months, she had spent her life with people she had never met before. Soon it would come to her surprise that she would be there for a lot longer than expected.

Finally, they got through the case and answered all the questions that were needed. After everything was said and done, the agreement was that her enemy would be going to jail, and until her mom got her life together with a job and stable home to live in, Cherokee would have supervised visits. 

As agreed, Cherokee and her mom had supervised visits every Wednesday and Sunday.

It took 3 years to get Cherokee out of foster care.

And she didn't even go with her mom.

Little did she know, she would not see her mom ever again. All because of her abusive worst enemy.


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Cherokee Farmer