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Alex McEachern, Reporter

They stand outside, one on four legs, one on two. One throwing the ball, the other running after it. Alex McEachern and his dog Sophie were friends that met several years ago in a run-down shelter.

After a long day of searching, they finally came across one final stop before going home. The ASPCA shelter had seen better days, with cages that looked like they were last repaired 20 years ago. The dogs were tired, ready to find a home that might never come to get them. But when he rounded the corner, he knew that dog was the one.

Wearing a cone and red bandages wrapped around her feet from an infection, she looked like a far cry from the healthy dog she later became.

They were sure that she was the one though, and what was originally only going to be a "just looking" trip quickly turned into stopping at Petco for food and a crate. They picked the largest bag of dog food and largest crate available, as they hoped the Great Pyrenees would not outgrow her new bed.

The first few weeks were hard for them, as the bandages and cone didn’t lend themselves well to play, and she had a hard time eating out of the bowl and staying calm. But as she grew used to her surroundings, she became much happier and willing to play like do now. The ball nearly goes over the fence as it has done over the years, through different games like soccer, football and catch. While Sophie is not the best equipped to play these games, she always has tried to play a part in the outcome, whether it means getting in the way of a touchdown run or getting shot headed for a goal.

While Sophie is now winding down, her youthful spirit still shines through in games like these, as she sprints after another ball headed for the neighbors yard.

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Alex McEachern