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2021-2022 Staff


Vaishnavi Ayyagari

Vaishnavi Ayyagari is a senior, and a reporter for The Print Magazine. She loves watching movies, making art, and going on long drives. This is her first year on the Newsmagazine staff and she is excited to grow as a writer, and...


Maddie Richardson

Maddie Richardson is a reporter for The Print Magazine. They joined in their senior year in order to write interesting, informative stories and to have fun. When they aren’t at school, they spend their free time hanging out wit...

Maria Vargas

Maria Vargas

Maria Vargas is the Editor-in-Chief for The Print Magazine. She is in 12th grade and joined Newsmagazine two years ago as a writer when the program started. Maria is excited to work with her staff, train new journalists and publi...

Copy Editor

Kennedy Jordan

Kennedy Jordan is a junior and the copy editor on The Print Magazine staff. Kennedy is passionate about writing and reporting and hopes to gain experience as an editor to further her career in journalism. Outside of journalism she runs ...


Lauren Christian

Lauren Christian is a sophmore and is a designer for the newsmagazine. She joined the staff because she loves the creative process of making spreads. She can't wait to collaborate with new poeple and create super cool spreads....


Rylee Cohen

Rylee Cohen is a sophomore and a photographer for The Print Magazine. She joined the staff to continue creative photography work and to work with other passionate individuals. She enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, and playing...


Ella Espinoza

Ella espinoza is a sophomore and a photographer on The Print Newsmagazine. She joined the staff to get more experience taking photos and create cool products. Ella enjoys cheering on the Heritage Cheer Team, listening to music...


Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips is a junior and a photographer for The Print Magazine who is excited to learn about journalism and photography. In his free time he loves to play videogames games and loves all types of animals. He is also a ...


Gavin Ochoa

Gavin Ochoa is a senior and a photographer for The Print Magazine. He joined Newsmagazine in hopes of improving his photography skills, while also trying something outside of his comfort zone. Gavin is passionate about furthering ...

Ryleigh Eades
Artistic Director

Ryleigh Eades

Ryleigh is the artistic director of The Print Magazine. She is excited to teach rookie staff members what it means to be on the HSM staff. She has been working as an editor and photographer for student publications for 4 year...

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