Mrs. Thurmon shares job opportunities with students


Sejal Jannu

Mrs. Thurmon teaches her students about future job skills.

Students describe Mrs. April Thurmon as outgoing, caring, and passionate.

These are characteristics that resulted in her becoming April’s Teacher of the Month.

Throughout the year, she has made lasting impressions on both her students and co-workers.

“She always, even when she’s sick, has a smile on her face and wants you to feel involved with what you’re doing,” said junior Brooklyn Nicholl.

Mrs. Thurmon specializes in helping her students find out what they will do in their future.

“She opened me up to showing me how I’m good with helping out other people and she showed me how to connect with people,” said senior Terrence Washington.

One of the activities she does with her students is take them to different stores such as Walgreens, American Eagle, and JC Penny to get experience of what life will be like working in the real world.

“I had a particular student who wanted to work at American Eagle.  That’s what he had wanted to do his all four years.  So I went, and we were able to go in and work at American Eagle. So I try to make it in the student’s interests. If they’re interested in a specific area, if we can find the job that fits that need, that’s our goal,” said Mrs. Thurmon.

Mrs. Thurmon has an outstanding work ethic and makes a great friend to her co-workers.

“Anytime that we’re short handed, or if  somebody is out for the day, she is the first person to be right there, helping out with everyone,” said Ms. Sarah Cozby.

“She’s the cornerstone of the B Hall.  If you need something, you go to the corner of the B Hall.  If you need some wise advice, or a granola bar because you forgot your breakfast, or a safety pin because your clothes are falling apart, Mrs. Thurmon is there with a smile. She’s the ultimate example of Coyote C.L.A.S.S and there’s not a more deserving teacher,” said Mrs. Linda Debonis.

Mrs. Thurmon is filled with characteristics that her students believe make her a great teacher.

“She’s just very loving, and when you’re having trouble with something she’s just always there and always ready to help,” said freshman Cade Ford.

Mrs. Thurmon is very passionate about her job.

“It’s very rewarding as teacher to know that…they’re gonna be successful and they’re gonna take what you taught them out into the community.”

If you see Mrs. Thurmon in the halls, be sure to congratulate her on being April’s Teacher of the Month.