Will Smith rocks Chris Rock at the Oscars

James Mattson

During the Oscars, Chris Rock made a Joke that was against Jada Smith and her alopecia. Will Smith got angry about the Joke and walked onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock. He ended up getting major backlash and was talked about around the news and schools. In Heritage High School the news got around instantly.  This is what the students of Heritage had to say about it. Edward, a freshmen at Heritage, “Both Chris Rock and Will Smith were in the wrong” and Jadavian agreed with his statement. After the Oscars Will Smith got banned. Edward believes he shouldn’t be banned from the Oscars, but Jadavian thinks he should since Will Smith took it too far. They argued a little on the fact but both 100 percent agreed that “The Oscars will get more views.” They also both completely agreed on the fact that “Will Smith did it out of his ego” since Will Smith was laughing at the joke until he saw his wife. Will Smith apologized for his actions saying, “I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be.” Will Smith didn’t like how Chris Rock brought his wife in his jokes. Edward also thinks that Chris Rock shouldn’t have brought Jada Smith into his joke since it was more of a sensitive topic for her. Some Students from Heritage High School believe that they both shouldn’t have done what they did, but the fact that Will Smith getting banned from the Oscars is unnecessary.