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A look inside the ever changing world of new relationships

Maddie Richardson, Reporter

With an ever evolving world, it’s no surprise that many people have resorted to using apps such as Tinder or Yubo in order to find a significant other or even just a friend. According to Statista, over 44 million people have used an online dating service in 2021. In my opinion, although online apps create an easy way to meet people, they can also create dangerous situations that wouldn’t occur otherwise.

Before dating and friendship apps were really popular, many teens met significant others on social media, in school or even through other friends. Nowadays, many teens meet friends online, whether that be through gaming or even just a chatting app. Junior Ali Ortiz is one of the many teens who has a close online friend, but they still say they prefer having in-person friends.

“I don’t prefer having online friends over friends from school because I really like spending time with people,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz explains that they met their friend on an app called Discord, and it’s much easier for them to talk to friends online because of differing factors.

“I feel like it’s a lot easier to talk to people online for sure,” Ortiz said. “They don’t know you that well, or they can’t see you and you’re not actually there, so you can just say whatever.” 

Zachary Phillips

Although, not everyone is met with friendship on the other side of the screen. Junior Marley Adams said that while they have made a friend using Yubo, most people aren’t too kind.

“I’ve almost been doxxed before,” Adams said. “I did nothing wrong, they were just being mean.” 

When someone is doxxed, this means their personal information, such as their full name or even their home address is leaked online, giving anyone on the internet access to it. According to Kaspersky, over 55% of people who have used a dating app reported receiving threats or encountering a problem with the person they were talking to. Unfortunately, things like this are common on the internet.

“These apps are alright if you’re struggling to find friends, but there’s always better options,” Adams said.  

All in all, while these apps can provide meaningful relationships, the overall impact of these apps on teens is that it can lead to things such as mental health issues, either due to something as simple as a rejection, or even manipulation.