Love the Hustle

Two teens experience work from different perspectives


Zachary Phillips

Despite having different types of jobs, both work hard and enjoy what they do.

Maddie Richardson, Reporter

Typically, the first thing on junior Hannah Koronkiewicz’s mind once the final bell rang is racing home to change for work and for junior Amoolya Vatambeti’s she’s thinking about who she would be tutoring later. 

Owning a small business and working in a large corporation are similar in the way that they both provide goods or services, but they differ by the way they make money. Employees who work in large corporations make an hourly salary, while small business owners gain a profit from their service or good. That’s just one of the main differences they have, but how else do they differ? 


Vatambeti owns her own tutoring business.

Amoolya Vatambeti owns her own small business, and she provides tutoring for students in Pre-k through 7th grade.

In addition to setting her own hours, Vatambeti also is able to enjoy her job from the comfort of her own home.

“I’m a bit more comfortable at home, I get to see kids, and it’s a bit more lively and fun,”  Vatambeti said. “For my future job, I want to be a pediatric occupational therapist. I’m gonna be around kids a lot, so this is a really great experience.¨

Working with children now will eventually help Vatambeti for when she becomes a pediatric occupational therapist. This is just one reason that having a job can help your future-self, no matter if it’s a small business or part of a larger corporation.

Unlike others that may work at Subway, Koronkiewicz doesn’t mind her long shifts.

¨I work quite a few hours at that job,” Koronkiewicz said. ¨I’m the main closer so I always work after school.¨ 

Koronkiewicz works with her coworkers at Subway.

Besides the scheduling, Koronkiewicz also says she loves the people she works with, and the general working atmosphere.

¨I love it because there’s not a lot of  people that work there, so we all get really close and then you just have fun while working.¨ Koronkiewicz said.

Both Vatambeti and Koronkiewicz said they love what they’re doing, and also that if they had to choose whether or not they would want to own a small business or work at a ¨traditional¨ job,  they would both rather stick with what they’re currently doing.

“What I’m doing can help so many kids, and I love what I’m doing.” Vatambeti Said. Koronkiewicz had similar thoughts. ¨I do like working with other people instead of working by myself, so this job is better for me than if I owned a small business.¨ Koronkiewicz said.

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