Registering to Vote

Heritage’s AP Government teacher walks through the process of registering to vote and actually voting

Anna Cardon, Reporter

Election day is approaching fast, with a frenzy of early voting, ads nearly everywhere on the internet and a great number of candidate signs being installed in yards. And of course, there is a group of newly eligible voters who can cast their ballots in and make their voices heard this fall. But voting isn’t exactly a simple task. 

“Even though it may be difficult to see sometimes, the people we elect and the decisions they make have an impact on our daily lives, especially at the local level,” Mr Huggins, who teaches AP Government said.

 Mr. Huggins has been advocating to be involved since he began teaching eight years ago. Three years ago he became a Deputy Voter Registration for Collin County, and has been helping students register since then.

“ If there are things you care about and would like to see changed, or things you see changing that you would like to protect, then maybe the thing that will actually help make that happen is you getting involved and actually using that little bit of power that you have,” Huggins said. 

And eligible 12th graders can do so by voting in the next week! Exactly 6 days away, election day will determine what the next four years will look like for America, and by voting many people can have a hand in that.

Voting polls are easily accessible too. Some locations include the John and Judy Gay Library and the McKinney Fire Station at 861 Independence Pkwy. Upon arrival, you will be asked to show identification. Then, they will hand you a paper ballot in which you will select your choices. Upon completion, you will most hand in the ballot in a ballot box.

The process is  simple and fast, so make sure to head down to vote if you are eligible!