Leaving her ‘second home’

Attendance clerk Cindy Judd retires after 7 years


Lauren Shrauner, Reporter

The Attendance Clerk Cindy Judd sits at the front desk behind the open window and looks out to quite a few students running late. Her face lights up, and her nose scrunches up her glasses, stifling a laugh as she can’t wait to hear their excuse this time.

But she does enjoy the laughs she and the students share and the warmth the Heritage staff welcomes her with. But Judd isn’t smiling when she thinks about letting it all go.

Judd started at Heritage about seven years ago and is now retiring on her 63rd birthday, but she is ready to see what the next phase of her life brings her after working here.

“I’m very sad, it’s hard, it’s been a second home to me, and this is family, and it’s just going to be a real transition, it is going to be a difficult transition,” Judd said. “I’m excited about the future, what we are doing in our family but I’m also sad to leave friends.” 

Judd plans on traveling with her husband since he travels with his work. Her kids have graduated from college and are out of the house. Judd is ready to downsize their house and become freer.

Her friend, Rhonda Feather, has created a friendship with Judd and many memories.

Mrs. Judd loves good music and will sing and dance when the moment presents itself.  She has a wicked sense of humor,” Feather said. “We are very good friends and spend time together away from work, both individually and with our spouses.  We both expect that to continue.”

Judd’s Last Day was February 28th, also her birthday. She and her friends are going to celebrate with Bundt cake and old stories as she finishes out her last few hours.

The new Attendance Clerk, Jennifer Whiffen, has just started working here at Heritage this week and is already fast at work.

“I’ve just enjoyed my time here at Heritage so much, it’s been such a blessing in my life, and I’m going to really miss it,” Judd said.