Prom Theme: Yay or Nay?

The student council recently released that the class of 2020’a prom theme is “The Roaring 20’s”, however there has been different reactions to this announcement.

Aliah Mir, Reporter

 It’s that time of the year when all the seniors are buzzing about prom. The Heritage High School student council has the responsibility of planning prom, which starts with deciding the theme. They recently released that the prom theme for the class of 2020 would be “The roaring 20’s”. The Roaring 20’s was a period of evolution in the United States as people indulged in new styles of dancing and dressing and rejected many traditional moral standards. However, the chosen prom theme is controversial as many seniors have mixed opinions. 

In my opinion, the Roaring 20’s is an excellent prom theme for the class of 2020 and the seniors should be excited for it. 

The Roaring 20’s was a time of individuality, creativity, and luxury. Having this prom theme would allow students to express their uniqueness through their outfits. They have a wide range of ideas to work with as the Roaring 20’s was full of eccentric and quirky outfits. Every student would be able to wear an outfit that showcases themselves and their personalities. Students would not be judged if their dress was different or not stereotypical because this time period was all about standing out.

The Roaring 20’s is also a popular party theme so there are several decorations available. The student council will be able to transform the ordinary ballroom into a grand and decadent party. Several stores such as Party City have a variety of decorations that are perfect for the Roaring 20’s. There are also several websites that are specifically dedicated to that time period. This theme allows student council to fully indulge into the Roaring 20’s and create a prom that embodies that time period. 

Lastly, the Roaring 20’s is the time period where the classic novel The Great Gatsby was set. The Great Gatsby captured the rollicking, tumultuous decade, from its wild parties, dancing and illegal drinking to its post-war prosperity and its new freedoms for women. Having this prom theme will allow the senior class to step into world of Great Gatsby and experience a night in the 1920’s. Some seniors believe that the Roaring 20’s is too historic and retro, but the Great Gatsby illustrates how extravagant and exciting the time period is.

The Roaring 20’s is a riveting prom theme that will allow the class of 2020 to enjoy a night set back in time.