A Look into the Creative Writing Club

Express your creativity at the creative writing club!

Ayat Irfan, Editor-In-Chief

Calling all writers: The creative writing club is an after school organization in which you can share ideas, come up with prompts, and build confidence speaking in front of others. The club meets every other Wednesday in B108 (April Mattson’s room) after school. 

During the club, the members brainstorm prompts to write about and share what wrote. Brainstorming helps build cognitive skills and sharing builds self-assurance with a group of new people. Along with this, the members of the club also have a new snack every day to eat while you work. 

Here are the upcoming meeting dates:

  1. Wednesday, March 18
  2. Wednesday, April 1
  3. Wednesday, April15
  4. Wednesday, April 29
  5. Wednesday, May 13
  6. Wednesday, May 27 (Last meeting!)