Heritage Wrestling heads to Districts

Heritage High School wrestling team heads for districts


Junior, Greyson Howard, says his best match was against Liberty High School. Wrestling “gives [him] a purpose and allows [him] to focus more in class.”

Mikayla Ives, Reporter

The Heritage High School Wrestling team works day through night in the weight and mat rooms building endurance and practicing technique to become good enough to be district champs. 

The team works all year to make it to districts, which then goes along to making regionals in the hope to go to state.

Wrestling coach Robert Hubbard said,“I push everyone to the extreme because I see the potential they all have to be the best version of themselves they can be on the mat.”

Hubbard wants nothing more than for his team to make it to districts because he knows how much they have worked for it. He puts them in the weight room for at least 4 hours a week, and in the mat room for 3. He will continue to strive to make the Heritage wrestling team the best and won’t give up until that goal is reached.

Sophomore Brooklyn Parker, a university wrestler, had much to say about districts, which are coming up the first week of February. She said,“We have been practicing an hour and fifteen minutes in the morning, and an hour and a half during the period. Everything we do is preparing us for districts. It is tiring and takes everything out of you.”

The wrestling members give up their time and mentality once they decide to join the team. You not only have to train yourself to the max, but you have to maintain your eating to stay on weight. Everything required, no matter the suffering you go through for it, helps you gain the skills and mindset you need to be the best wrestler you can be.

Jayden, a freshman wrestler, said that wrestling excites him and he plans on doing it for the next 3 years at Heritage. 

Though wrestling is a challenging combat sport, there are many ups to it. When you step onto the mat. the adrenaline rush you get makes all the sweat and pain worth it. Once you win your first match, the feeling you have sticks with you. And one won match leads to another, which leads to districts.