Freshmen Frights

Freshmen students share fear of first day of high school.


Lonna Larsen

Freshmen enter high school, filled with mixed emotions, starting their transition. High school flies by as they continue their journey.

Sonia Shah, Reporter

She entered the school feeling terrified. Stressed. Nervous. Scared.

The Mean Girls movie started playing inside her head as she walked into school opposite her friends.

At eight in the morning, after walking from Roach Middle School with her brother, freshman Hayden Gardner entered the doors of the school. Meanwhile, freshman Sanjana Akula entered the doors of the auditorium with friends Adviti Pilla, and Sonya Sinha.

“I was nervous because [this school] is so big,” Hayden said.

Getting lost is one of the common fears of going to high school. According to Start School Now, it may be best to grab a map, or ask a student or a teacher for help.

“I got lost on B day,” Hayden said. “On A day, I was walking around awkwardly by myself.”

“Adviti made me print out a map,” Sanjana added. “But I didn’t use it, I thought I may as well try finding my way around, it’s not that hard.”

Starting High school can also cause long term stress, according to Huffington Post. The transition from middle to high school can be a daunting time. Students have been forced out of their comfort zone, into a world of upperclassmen, football games, and homerooms.

A McGill University study found that the transition is highly stressful for one in four students, and that the majority of incoming freshmen need more help coping than they receive.

“I was more nervous for B day than A day,” Hayden said. “Because [my B-day schedule] was crazy.”

Upperclassmen also add to the list of fears freshmen have as they transition to high school. According to The Lariot Online, it pays off to know upperclassmen beforehand, as they can help find classes and give tips.

“I was walking with someone who was showing me where my class is, and they got lost too,” Sanjana said. “So there was just a sophomore and a freshman in the midst of high school, just walking around.”

It’s perfectly OK to be nervous at first. Even if it wasn’t a great start, everybody is still having to get used to the adjustment. So, just be patient and keep trying. It’s possible to get farther than expected.