Heritage Football Team and Cheer Squad go to the 2018 NFL Draft


Freshmen Anthony Gomez is one of the many football players who were able to experience round two of the NFL Draft live.

On Friday, April 27th, our cheer squad and football team went to experience the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. After exploring AT&T Stadium, our teams went to the Friday Night Lights Red Carpet.

“Two people from each team that was there got to walk down the red carpet and [answer] interview questions,” junior Ben Bryant said.

“Cameron Rose and I got to walk the red carpet which was pretty awesome. And the team was on the side cheering us on,” junior Caden Brooks said.

“[At the red carpet] we saw DeMarcus Ware and some other famous vet Cowboys,” Bryant said.

Following the red carpet experience, both the football and cheer teams went inside to watch the first few picks of the second round of the draft.

“We got to watch the picks as they happened and see the crowd get excited for all the different picks,” sophomore Maddie Padilla said.

“People dream about going to the NFL and walking across that stage and seeing it in reality instead of on TV makes you think like ‘wow, it’s possible and anyone can do that.’ So if you work hard and believe in yourself you can do anything,” Brooks said.

Seeing the draft live left an impact on some of our football players.

“Not everyone gets to do that.. to say you’ve been to an NFL draft and actually watched and talked to NFL players was amazing,” Brooks said.

“It was an honor going there because it was a really good experience for me and I would want to do it again,” junior Darrick Stephens said.

This draft also opened up junior Kendrick Martin’s eyes about the future.

“[It] was great because you get to see hands on… guys from college going to the NFL and making their dreams come true, which I’m pretty sure most of us want to do. So to see how the age gap is so short between us as high schoolers and the college athletes going to play professional football. It was life changing,” Martin said.