Mrs. Brandon’s Second Battle Against Cancer


Lonna Larson

Assistant principal secretary Selena Brandon (left) accepts a surprise check, after Heritage raised money to help her overcome cancer for the second time.

Some of us never truly understand what others are going through behind a smile.

“I don’t care what kind of day she’s had, she’s always got a smile and she’s more interested in you than she is herself. And to me that is just an admirable quality that even with the struggle that she’s going through you have no idea,” Independent Study Mentorship teacher, Matthew Pirtle said.

A few months ago, our assistant principal secretary, Selena Brandon was forced into a battle against cancer for the second time.

“You have somebody that’s going through all [of] this and they’re still choosing to be here every day with their Heritage family,” soccer coach Shelby Sharp said.

Throughout this challenge, her remarkable dedication to Heritage was constantly demonstrated in her work ethic.

“She wanted to continue to work during this process… she’s going to radiation and doing all these treatments and stuff…  that’s what I would say is [so] special about her,” Sharp said.

Some might think that she would have a uneasy composure in this tough time, but that’s not the case.

“She’s just so kind. She’s the kind of person that walks into a room and everybody’s day gets better… every conversation I’ve had with her, I walked out with this smile on my face. And she’s one of those people that you can have genuine conversations with… She really gets to know you and you can really get to know her in a really quick amount of time,” junior Jillian Mimms said.

A couple of weeks ago our staff and students put together a fundraiser to support her.

“[It’s] ‘cause she deserves it and nobody I know probably deserves it more than Selena,”  Mimms said.

“Everybody is going to flock around a person like that and lift them up when they need it because she does that for us every day… We were all happy to give back to her as kind of a thank-you for what she does for all of us every day, and always has for everybody she’s ever known,” assistant principal Michelle Zurek said.  

Mrs. Brandon’s strength and kindness has had a lasting impact on our Coyote family.

“Selena you are a ray of shining light… I want to be here in any way that I can to encourage you because you have encouraged, motivated, inspired me and so many others,” Pirtle said.