The Fall of Romeo


Audience getting louder. Lights heating up the middle school stage. Caked makeup fumes the air.

Ashlyn sits on the stage’s wings. Running through her lines. She’s only rehearsed the show a handful of times.

How did she get the part? She missed practice for soccer, the director knew that would happen, but the show must go on.  

The room settles, the curtain raises to reveal her Romeo, Caleb, who she only spoke to once. He parades the apron singing love songs.

He knows someone will mess up, but the one he least expected.  

The current scene ends, she throws her script to the wall, a spotlight lands on her pale face, hitting her cue. Words were exchanged and the moment was over, she still had all night creeping up fast.

Scenes pass quickly, as she finds herself atop the balcony, screaming for her new found love. He shows up, prince charming, right on time of destress. Flirts barf out, surprisingly fluid, unexpected of each other.

Intermission. It’s been smooth sailing throughout. Confidence was rising in all, some even cocky.

The second half runs quicker. Leaving the couple to discuss important decisions. Banter begins, speed picks up. She finishes her argument to the blank stare of Romeo.


His eyes glaze over as he looks at her, he has no idea what to do. Doing the only thing she could think of, her hand raises eye-level to him. Jumping back, he looks confused, but blurts out the last line of the scene, and runs off stage. Left alone, she exits to prepare for her death.

Final bow, curtains fall. She is praised for her performance as he sits refusing to look up at anyone.

Tables turned when they least expected it. Through his failure, she found resolutions to problems which prove she received the role for a reason, forgetting any doubt in her final eighth grade performance. His defeat, gave new life to her passion.