A Very Un-Merry Christmas:


Shannon-Renee Odoi, Reporter

Most days,  a girl not even a teenager yet,  wanted to curl up in a ball and cry until every tear had been shed. It was as if a bridge had collapsed under her feet.

It was supposed to be the happiest of times that year. Snow, singing, cocoa, and most importantly, being with family and loved ones. However, that day seemed the coldest of the year. Early that morning, the phone rang with a chilling tone.

As her mom picked it up nonchalantly, time seemed to go on forever. After she finally picked it up and lifted it to her ear, the phone weakened in her hand and fell to the ground with an echo.

Tears started to form in her eyes, as she said the four  most intimidating words a young 13-year-old girl could hear… “your grandma has passed”.

The air seemed to get colder and hit -10. She didn’t cry, but in total shock. That day, she stayed in her room and looked at the one of the many photos they shared together. One of them eating ice cream, and another of them shopping, but her all time favorite was the one of them hugging out on the sofa. The river started to form on her cheek.

Finally, Christmas had come, but no merriment was within her. The young children opened boxes with excitement, but the girl could only see the brightest one under the tree.

It was the final gift she would ever receive from her. Just as she opened her box, she felt a long chain in her hands. As she raised it to her eyes, she saw an alluring, heart-shaped locket in her view. She opened it with care and saw her favorite photo of the two together.

Yet now 14, when she thinks of Christmas, all she feels is a empty presence that is no longer with her.