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Why should anyone spend their hard-earned money to sponsor a high school media program?

The product of High School media programs such as Heritage Student Media, which includes CoyoteNationTV (weekly broadcast), The Tribute (yearbook), The Print (quarterly newsmagazine), HeritageStudentMedia.com (news site), and various social media accounts, is no more the central purpose of a scholastic journalism program than winning a football game is to team sports. Instead, it’s about the process, how students engage and work together, and the level of responsibility teachers encourage throughout.

It’s about the process, not just the product.

It’s about using project-based learning to teach modern literacies.

It’s about teaching digital media in high school journalism—preparing students for the digital era.

Those who sponsor and donate to the program will see immediate marketing efforts and will receive updates to stay informed of all things going on at Heritage High School. Businesses interested in sponsoring can submit a check made out to Heritage High School with attention to Heritage Student Media.

If you would like more information about sponsorship, advertising or how Heritage Student Media can meet your marketing needs, please contact us using one of the methods below.


Leah E Waters (print, online)
[email protected]
Candace Bagwell (broadcast, online)
[email protected]




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